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ALSHAHEEN are the industry experts in smart facilities management and specialised cleaning solutions. Since our founding in 2016, we have utilised our engineering and technology backgrounds to craft a range of bespoke, efficient and high quality services to suit every client’s need. From mechanical and electrical building maintenance to ventilation servicing, upkeep touches to total infrastructure management, our innovative techniques are providing the highest level of performance for a wide range of businesses and clients across the UAE. Our proven track record spans every variety of institution and industry, including residential towers, commercial ventures, retail outlets, educational buildings, Government offices, industrial complexes and healthcare facilities.



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Our approach

Our unique approach has always been centred on how to utilise advanced technology to drastically improve the field of facilities management and commercial cleaning services. We knew that there was a better way to provide businesses, residences and organisations with the type of support they needed to help their facilities function at the best possible levels. We wanted to find ways to provide a more efficient, more cost effective service that wouldn’t mean compromising on quality; which is exactly what our state-of-the-art equipment and unique methodologies does. Welcome to the world of advanced, and total, facilities management.

Whatever infrastructure your company needs to achieve its goals and function effectively, at ALSHAHEEN we know how to make sure it never lets you down. Our expertise, combined with the top equipment available in the world, allows us to offer a more effective approach to our clients, so that they know everything is always taken care of. With our total facilities management services, you can be confident that every aspect is evaluated and accommodated.

Our Believes

We believe that facilities management should be the least concerning part of your business. It should be handled to the highest international standards, cause the least disruptions and be a cost effective part of your budget.

We believe in seeing our clients as individuals and tailoring our services to meet their facilities management needs. Whether they need high quality interior cleaning or one of our specialised cleaning solutions; whether they need comprehensive electrical support or general building maintenance; whether they need their plumbing checked or painting done. Our commitment to your needs extends from the inside out, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We believe in being ‘disrupters’ rather than ‘conformists’. Why settle for the limitations of old-school techniques, when innovation can offer a better solution. Thanks to our use of the latest evolutions in smart technology and eco-friendly procedures, we can optimise the quality and performance of your facilities, so that your business can reach its goals. From building management systems to mechanical maintenance, our objective is to make your life easier, cleaner and more productive; because your environment deserves the best.

We believe in using smart technology, precision equipment and sustainable products to ensure that every project is fulfilled to the highest standards, in the most efficient time frame and at the best price.