Specialised Solutions: Garbage Chute Cleaning

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Why is garbage chute cleaning so important?

Proper waste management is such an important element of facilities management and environmental sustainability. The UAE Government have even included it in their Vision 2021 and have shared guidelines on best practices for businesses and commercial outlets. Conscientious organisations understand the importance of ensuring that their waste management operates as smoothly and successfully as possible, for the benefits of their facilities, employees, customers and wider community.

According to Environmental Research and Restoration, trash chutes that are insufficiently cleaned can become breeding grounds for bacteria from organic waste and disease-causing organisms that can quickly spread throughout the building. Recent studies have further shown that the inner surface of a chute can carry more than 30 different biological and bacterial growths. A build-up of pathogenic moulds can inhabit the respiratory tract and severely affect the health of the buildings occupants or visitors. The accumulation of grease, grime and bits of debris can also pose an increased risk of fire.

How it works?

Given its near-constant usage, your garbage chute should be serviced at least twice a year to prevent costly issues arising. ALSHAHEEN can conduct a thorough evaluation and determine the level of contaminants, how best to rectify the problems and design a bespoke solution for your infrastructure.

Our professional approach will

  • Treat and prevent any rodent or insect infestations
  • Drastically reduce the risk of fire hazards
  • Create a far healthier environment for the building’s occupants
  • Stop the spread of distracting and harmful odours
  • Remove any build-up of bacteria, viruses, toxins and garbage
  • Increase the effectiveness and longevity of the chute, compactor and bin(s)

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