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Safety First

You can never be too safe when dealing with buildings, infrastructure and commercial equipment. Utilizing the highest standards of safety protocols is essential to making sure that projects are completed effectively and that our team, and yours, stay safe. With facilities management services ranging from exterior and fa├žade cleaning to electrical and mechanical maintenance, there are plenty of potential challenges to overcome when it comes to safety. It is vital that our methodologies allow for all of the tasks, from AC Duct maintenance to fixing light bulbs, can be performed in a protected and secure environment with the right tools, by the well-trained experts.

With every aspect of our facilities management and specialised cleaning services we make sure our team complies with the highest international safety standards. Not only does our application of robotic assets mitigate many common safety issues immediately, they also perform their role more effectively, which makes the entire environment safer for everyone involved. In addition, all of our staff have received extensive training and international certifications in every step of their duties and in handling all of the equipment and tools required for any specific task.

All of our staff are trained in First Aid, PASMA and IPAF