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Automation is a natural evolution in the growth of industrial performance. Smart technology is now able to accomplish more, to a higher standard, than any other traditional method. That is exactly the type of precision quality we demand at ALSHAHEEN. Our impressive formula uses a combination of highly-trained staff and advanced robotic technology to perform all the requirements of total facilities management and our bespoke specialised cleaning solutions.

By standing out from our competitors and utilising the latest robotic technology ALSHAHEEN is able to provide a higher quality of support, care and resolution, no matter the size of your facility, the length of your project or the type of challenge faced. From evaluation to testing, completion to maintenance, every aspect of your facilities management can be completed with mechanical precision, so you have the greatest level of confidence in our service.

Kitchen hood cleaning Technology

Tegras Multipro Machine: The Unstoppable

This is the most advanced robot in the TEGRAS line. With its video inspection system and Visiogras conduit views, it can be remotely controlled by one person, drastically cutting down on unnecessary manpower. It works with the iFoam to produce dense foam that sticks to the inside walls and literally melts off the grease. It is easy to maneuver and adjust so that nothing gets missed.


iFoam Pro : The Flash

This integrated generator of intelligent foam not only uses far less chemicals than traditional models, it works faster and more effectively. It is able to tackle even the most challenging of cleaning requirements in kitchen extractors. It comes with a high-pressure rinsing module, an instant water heater and a multi-jet system that automatically regulates all the parameters for generating de-greasing alkaline foam.

Kitchen hood cleaning Technology 1

Filnet Ultra Sonic : The Hedgehog

Making sure your commercial kitchen equipment is as clean as a whistle is a job for the Filnet Ultra Sonic. This powerful, portable module uses ultra-sonic technology to clean and filter kitchen equipment in the fastest time and to the highest standards. From frying pans to trays, essential filters to pots, grills to burner and accessories, everything you use to prepare your best food will look brand new.


Xtreme 40 Dry Ice Machine : The Cool Customer

This ground-breaking machine was designed to meet the high standards required in professional commercial cleaning, particularly when dealing with large areas or demanding surfaces. Its unrivalled performance needs to be seen to be believed and its adaptability allows it to fulfil any requirement; it can be as gentle as dusting smoke damage from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling.

dry ice machine

HEPA Air Duct Cleaning Ventilator : The Purifier

This is the most effective all-in-one solution to extract and filtrate all dust and debris from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Exceptionally portable, it is equipped with a 16ml HEPA-filter which allows us to reach the highest standards required, such as in healthcare facilities, as it offers a filtration of 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 micron.


Ductwork Robot : The Conqueror

To ensure that every tiny mm of area is covered, we deploy a highly advanced remote controlled robot with a specialised brush system that can adapt in every direction. Thanks to two cameras, video recording capabilities, strong 4 wheel drive and proportional control, the robot can be guided through any type of duct or channel, with a limited team, and achieve a far more comprehensive clean.

Flat Microfiber Mop The Wiper 1

Flat Microfiber Mop: The Wiper

The new generation Sprint V flap mop gives the fastest and most efficient cleaning floor cleaning mop in the market. Unlike other models, it doesn’t damage surfaces or distribute bacteria, and it can cover a far wider square footage area.

 Kitchen hood cleaning Technology